Deep groove ball bearings — Versatile for radial and axial loads

Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearings. Deep groove ball bearings are composed of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls, and cages. There are two types of deep groove ball bearings, single row and double row. The deep groove ball structure is also divided into two types: sealed and open. The open type refers to the bearing without a sealed structure.

TFL as a leading bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, We can provide various types of deep groove ball bearings, imperial thrust ball bearings, and bearing sizes support metric and inch.
Various sizes can also be customized according to customers’ needs for bearings. If necessary, please email me.

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Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used bearing types, prevalent use. They have low friction and are optimized for low noise and low vibration, thereby realizing a high speed. They are subjected to two directions of radial and axial loads, are easy to install, and require less maintenance than other types of bearings.

They are divided into two designs: Single-row deep groove ball bearings and double row bearings with two ball bearings. They may also be made in different sizes depending on the application and the different loads, miniature ball bearings from a light load to large and small components of deep groove ball bearings and deep groove bearing heavy loads.

TFL Bearings has a huge selection of the best deep groove ball bearings and Instrument Series Ball Bearings with over 500 types available. Precision tolerances from ABEC-1 through ABEC-9 are generally available for most miniature products. Typical bore sizes of miniature ball bearings start at 3 mm with an outside diameter of 10 mm. Custom-made miniature bearings can have borne sizes as small as 1 mm! 

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The most popular deep groove ball bearings in the market:6000 series deep groove ball bearings, 6909 deep groove ball bearings, 6901 deep groove ball bearings, 6200 deep groove ball bearings,608 deep groove ball bearings.

Versions of deep groove ball bearings

  • Single row Main dimensions according to DIN 625-1. Favorable “all-round bearing.” Versatile.
  • Double row
    Main dimensions according to DIN 625-3. Considerably higher load carrying capacity than single row bearings at a slightly greater width.
  • Deep groove ball bearings with a flanged outer ring
    For simplified locating bores in which the bearing is supposed to be axially fixed.
  • With slot and snap ring
    Suitable for the form-fitting axial fixing of the bearing in a bore.
  • Full complement ball set
    Without a cage and a maximum number of balls, higher load-carrying capacity than caged deep groove ball bearings of the same size.

Material description of deep groove ball bearings

  • Ball bearings made of rolling bearing steel
    Extremely economical, withstand high load-ratings, and are suitable for temperatures from circa -10°C up to +120°C, in case of rubber seals up to circa +100°C in the long run. The rolling bearing steel is wear-resistant, shock-resistant, conductive, and magnetic.
  • Ball bearings made of stainless steel
    Are hygienic, corrosion-resistant, mostly lubricated with grease for the food industry, offers high load-ratings, is magnetic, and is admissible for a temperature range from circa -20°C up to +120°C, in case of rubber seals up to +120°C in the long run.
  • Hybrid bearings with ceramic balls and rings made of stainless steel or rolling bearing steel
    They are subject to lesser wear and tear compared to bearings of similar size with steel balls. The ceramic balls are currently insulating. Hybrid bearings are lighter than bearings with steel balls of the same size, withstand higher speeds, and operate in a temperature range from circa -20°C up to +130°C, in case of rubber seals up to circa +100°C in the long run. Hybrid bearings are magnetic.
  • Ball bearings made of ceramic
    They are extremely wear-resistant by their great hardness, corrosion-resistant and durable. They have good emergency running characteristics, are lighter than steel bearings of the same size, are suitable for a dry run, are current insulating, non-magnetic, and operate up to a temperature of circa +160°C. The balls’ ceramic material and the rings are temperature-resistant up to circa +800°C, the cage-material up to +160°C.

TFL BEARINGS is a professional deep groove ball bearings manufacturer. At the same time, we are also a professional bearing import and export trading company. We can provide the following miniature bearings manufacturer: NSK deep groove ball bearings, NMB deep groove ball bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, Timken deep groove ball bearings, SKF deep groove ball bearings, Koyo deep groove ball bearings.


They are commonly used in electric motors, household appliances, car motors, office machinery, automation control, and garden and household tools. They have deep raceway grooves, and their race dimensions are close to the dimensions of the balls that run inside.

Deep groove ball bearings come in many sizes, materials, and varieties according to consumer needs, including special industrial uses such as high-temperature applications. High-temperature bearings are made to withstand temperatures up to 350°C (660°F) and are suitable for machines used in the metals industry or industrial ovens.

where are deep groove ball bearings use:

  • Gearboxes
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Construction equipment
  • Engineering machinery
  • Wind turbines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Mining
  • Machine tools
  • Office equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Food processing machinery
  • Aerospace

Why use deep groove ball bearings? Replacing deep groove ball bearings with plain bearings can offer a range of benefits, including lower cost, less maintenance, greatly reduce noise at low speeds, and easier installation. The plain bearing can also have a higher load capacity, simplified assemblyincreased longevity, reduced housing dimensions, and assembly size and weight.

TFL has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the top 20 deep groove ball-bearing manufacturers in the world. In addition, our deep groove ball bearings can be customized according to your needs, so when choosing the products that need to be ordered for your application, Please keep this in mind.

If deep groove ball bearings sound like a good fit for your application, or if you have more questions about deep groove ball bearings, be sure to get in touch with us immediately.

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