6000 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • High precision
  • Machinery parts
  • Motor bearings
  • Bearing brand or OEM
  • Product description: These deep groove radial ball bearings are suitable for low and heavy radial loads. The 6000 series can accommodate low to moderate thrust loads in either loading direction.

These deep groove ball bearings are suitable for low and heavy radial loads. The 6000 series can withstand medium and low thrust loads in any loading direction.

The bearings we provide can meet almost any operating accuracy requirements and application speed: our bearings have Abec tolerances of 1-9, internal clearances from C2 to C4, and several different cage designs, including J type, W Type, RJ type, TW type and so on.

Available sizes: inner diameter 10mm to 980mm outer diameter, width 8mm to 136mm.

Manufacturer NameBearing brand or OEM

Other options: Metal shield (ZZ) or rubber seal (2RS) can be provided.

6000 series
6000 Series -TFL

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are able to accommodate low to heavy radial loads and low to moderate thrust loads in either direction. They are available with metal shields (ZZ) or rubber seals (2RS). Several tolerance grades (Abec 1-9), internal clearance (C2 to C4) and cage designs are available to best suit the running precision and speed of the application.

Common Options:

  • ZZ– Two Metal Shields
  • 2RS– Two Rubber Seals
  • NR– Snap Ring
  • M– Brass Cage
  • C0– Normal Internal Clearance
  • C3– Greater than normal
Deep groove 6000a
6000 Series -TFL
Item #(d) Bore Diameter(D) Outer Diameter(B) Width(C) Dynamic Load(Co) Static Load(Seal) Lubrication Speed(Grease) Lubrication Speed(Oil) Lubrication Speed
600010 mm26 mm8 mm4620 N1960 N19000 r/min30000 r/min36000 r/min
600112 mm28 mm8 mm5070 N2360 N17000 r/min26000 r/min32000 r/min
600215 mm32 mm9 mm5590 N2850 N14000 r/min22000 r/min28000 r/min
600317 mm35 mm10 mm6050 N3250 N13000 r/min19000 r/min24000 r/min
600420 mm42 mm12 mm9360 N5000 N11000 r/min17000 r/min20000 r/min
600525 mm47 mm12 mm11200 N6550 N9500 r/min15000 r/min18000 r/min
600630 mm55 mm13 mm13300 N8300 N8000 r/min12000 r/min15000 r/min
600735 mm62 mm14 mm15900 N10200 N7000 r/min10000 r/min13000 r/min
600840 mm68 mm15 mm16800 N11600 N6300 r/min9500 r/min12000 r/min
600945 mm75 mm16 mm20800 N14600 N5600 r/min9000 r/min11000 r/min
601050 mm80 mm16 mm21600 N16000 N5000 r/min8500 r/min10000 r/min
601155 mm90 mm18 mm28100 N21200 N4500 r/min7500 r/min9000 r/min
601260 mm95 mm18 mm29600 N23200 N4300 r/min6700 r/min8000 r/min
601365.000 mm100 mm18 mm30700 N25000 N4000 r/min6300 r/min7500 r/min
601470.000 mm110 mm20 mm37700 N31000 N3600 r/min6000 r/min7000 r/min
601575.000 mm115 mm20 mm39700 N33500 N3400 r/min5600 r/min6700 r/min
601680.000 mm125 mm22 mm47500 N40000 N3200 r/min5300 r/min6300 r/min
601785.000 mm130 mm22 mm49400 N43000 N3000 r/min5000 r/min6000 r/min
601890.000 mm140 mm24 mm58500 N50000 N2800 r/min4800 r/min5600 r/min
601995.000 mm145 mm24 mm60500 N54000 N2800 r/min4500 r/min5300 r/min
6020100.000 mm150 mm24 mm60500 N54000 N2600 r/min4300 r/min5000 r/min
6021105.000 mm160 mm26 mm72800 N65500 N2400 r/min4000 r/min4800 r/min
6022110.000 mm170 mm28 mm81900 N73500 N2400 r/min3800 r/min4500 r/min
6024120.000 mm180 mm28 mm85200 N80000 N2200 r/min3400 r/min4000 r/min
6026130 mm200 mm33 mm106000 N100000 N2000 r/min3200 r/min3800 r/min
6028140 mm210 mm33 mm111000 N108000 N1800 r/min3000 r/min3600 r/min
6030150 mm225 mm35 mm125000 N125000 N1700 r/min2600 r/min3200 r/min
6032160 mm240 mm38 mm143000 N143000 N1600 r/min2400 r/min3000 r/min
6034170 mm260 mm42 mm168000 N173000 NN/A2200 r/min2800 r/min
6036180 mm280 mm46 mm190000 N200000 NN/A2000 r/min2600 r/min
6038190 mm290 mm46 mm195000 N216000 NN/A2000 r/min2600 r/min
6040200 mm310 mm51 mm216000 N245000 NN/A1900 r/min2400 r/min
6044220 mm340 mm56 mm247000 N290000 NN/A1800 r/min2200 r/min
6048240 mm360 mm56 mm255000 N315000 NN/A1700 r/min2000 r/min
6052260 mm400 mm65 mm291000 N375000 NN/A1500 r/min1800 r/min
6056280 mm420 mm65 mm302000 N405000 NN/A1400 r/min1700 r/min
6060300 mm460 mm74 mm358000 N500000 NN/A1200 r/min1500 r/min
6064320 mm480 mm74 mm371000 N540000 NN/A1100 r/min1400 r/min
6068340 mm520 mm82 mm423000 N640000 NN/A1000 r/min1300 r/min
6072360 mm540 mm82 mm462000 N735000 NN/A1000 r/min1300 r/min
6076380 mm560 mm82 mm462000 N750000 NN/A950 r/min1200 r/min
6080400 mm600 mm90 mm520000 N865000 NN/A900 r/min1100 r/min
6084420 mm620 mm90 mm507000 N880000 NN/A900 r/min1100 r/min
6088440 mm650 mm94 mm553000 N965000 NN/A850 r/min1000 r/min
6092460 mm680 mm100 mm582000 N1060000 NN/A800 r/min950 r/min
6096480 mm700 mm100 mm618000 N1140000 NN/A750 r/min900 r/min
60/500500 mm720 mm100 mm605000 N1140000 NN/A750 r/min900 r/min
60/560560 mm820 mm115 mm663000 N1470000 NN/A630 r/min750 r/min
60/630630 mm920 mm128 mm819000 N1760000 NN/A560 r/min670 r/min
60/670670 mm980 mm136 mm904000 N2040000 NN/A500 r/min600 r/min

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