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Bearings for Mining & Construction

These industries combine the challenges of harsh environments, extremely high load capacities, and operating without downtime. Whether it is bucket wheels, tunnel drilling rigs, vibrating screens, conveyor bearings, or off-road dump truck transmission bearings, these are bearing-intensive operations.

The operating environment of bearings in the mining and construction industries can be extremely harsh. One or more of the following situations may occur:

  • heavy loads combined with shock loads
  • light loads with high speed rotation
  • heavy loads with low speed rotation

Bearings for the Mining & Construction: why choose TFL?

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Mining & Construction Industries -TFL

Technical consulting, maintenance solutions, and inventory management

To achieve a shorter development time, it is necessary to ensure precision in measuring and designing rolling bearings and sliding bearings from the beginning. The same is true in the field of raw material extraction and processing. Using the expertise of experienced bearing experts in the development stage can save our customers time and money. This is why we provide designers with a wide range of consultations-from technical literature to our electronic catalog to calculation procedures.

TFL offers a wide range of maintenance solutions to reduce maintenance costs, prevent unplanned downtime, and increase machine availability.

Through specially developed inventory management, we provide customers with selected products in raw material extraction and processing. In this way, we can significantly reduce the customer’s bearing maintenance costs and ensure rapid supply at a fair market price.

Our products for the Mining & Construction industry: performance, reliability, precision

Special solutions: We recommend split spherical or cylindrical roller bearings to reduce maintenance costs and significantly reduce downtime. These are particularly effective in difficult-to-access locations. For articulated/rotary joints, we now recommend using high-capacity four-point bearings in combination with maintenance-free spherical plain bearings.

Standard design and special bearings

The conditions of systems and machines in raw material extraction and processing vary from application to application. The concept, design, and structure mainly depend on load, speed, service life, and environmental conditions.

For many applications, designers can use standard types and designs of rolling bearings. However, some applications require special rolling bearings, and we have formulated specific industry requirements. The largest of these bearings used in tunnel boring machines can have an outer diameter greater than 4 meters.

Advanced bearings for different systems and machines

The challenging operating and environmental conditions in systems and machines require extremely robust bearings. Our customers build and operate ore conveying systems, mines, cement plants, oil platforms, crushers, construction machinery, and construction sites.

Bucket-wheel excavator, transportation system
Crusher, vertical mill, tube mill, vibrating screen
Drilling rig, drilling turbine, pipe laying drum

We cooperate with many manufacturers worldwide to provide our customers with a variety of high-quality bearing options for mining equipment and quarrying equipment. Our bearing partners include:

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