Cross Roller Bearings

At TFL, we produce and sell all kinds of cross roller bearings and provide cross roller guide and cross roller linear bearing. The available brands include THK, SKF, NSK, IKO, INA, FAG, HIWIN, Kaydon.

The Basics of Cross Roller Bearings

The structure and use of crossed roller bearings (application areas): Crossed roller bearings have their rollers arranged at right angles to each other at intervals between the inner and outer wheels. They can bear loads from all directions simultaneously (axial, thrust, momentum loads, etc.). Because the rollers are in current contact with the track surface, the possibility of elastic deformation of the bearing under load is very slight. In the cross roller bearing, one can bear radial load and axial load because the cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other on the 90 ° V-groove rolling surface through spacers—in all directions, including moment loads.

Features: Because the divided inner ring or outer ring is installed with the rollers and spacers, the cross roller bearing is fixed with the cross roller ring to prevent separation from each other, so install the cross roller ring Simple operation at the time. Since the rollers are arranged in a cross, they can withstand loads in all directions with only one set of cross roller rings. Compared with the conventional model, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, NTN imported fork roller bearings have a two-divided structure for the inner ring or outer ring of the cross roller bearing, and the bearing clearance can be adjusted. Even if preload is applied, high-precision rotational movement can be obtained.

Purpose: This type of bearing is widely used in industrial automatic robots, working machinery and medical facilities, etc., where high rigidity, compactness, and high speed are required to ensure accuracy.

Types: We produce and sell all kinds of cross roller bearings and provide a cross roller guide and linear bearing. The available brands include THK, SKF, NSK, IKO, INA, FAG, HIWIN, Kaydon.

  • High Rigidity Type Crossed Roller Bearing
  • Standard Type Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Mounting Holed Type High Rigidity Crossed Roller Bearing
  • Super Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Mounting Holed Type Super Slim Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Crossed Roller Slide
  • Cross Roller Guide
  • Cross Roller Linear Bearing

Cross Roller Bearings for Sale

Cheap cross roller bearing you can get from us and the professional technology we provide. Our principle is: cross roller bearing for sales based on credit. Through unremitting efforts, to achieve win-win cooperation.

The accuracy grades are P5 P4 P2, and the product series are RB series, RU series, RA series, and CRBH series. The products are mainly oriented to high precision machine tools, direct-drive motors, industrial robots, and automation equipment.

Shandong Tefule Bearing Co., Ltd produces high precision bearings such as cross roller bearings, integrating R&D, production, and sales; also specializes in producing special bearings for robot reducers. The available brands include THK, SKF, NSK, IKO, INA, FAG, Kaydon.

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