At TFL-Bearing, we provide a full range of FYH brand products at very competitive prices. FYH produces about 700 standard bearings and 300 types of bearing seats. We can provide P-Pillow Block, PA- Tapped-Base Pillow Block, PH-High-Base Pillow Block, LP-Light Pillow Block, IP-Thick Pillow Block, PP-Stamped Steel Pillow Block, F-4-Bolt Flange, FS-Square Piloted 4-Bolt Flange, FL -2-Bolt Flange, LF-Light 2-Bolt Flange, PFL-Stamped Steel 2-Bolt Flange, FA-Adjustable 2-Bolt Flange, FB-3-Bolt Flange, FC-4-Bolt Flange Cartridge, T-Take- Up, C-Cartridge, H-Hanger. Most products can be shipped the same day or the next day.


About tfl bearings 3

Our dream is to fully function in the ultimate use environment, such as space and ocean development, and to complete maintenance-free Pillow Block Units.
We will continue to create new value for the changing future and to be able to satisfy the user’s needs 100%.

FHY company, since 1950 with the first production base in rolling bearings Japan, has grown into the world to support the industrial development of the seat belt roller bearing manufacturers. The production plants with advanced technology adopt FYH’s unique automatic self-aligning bearing manufacturing production line, from the quality inspection process to fully automated.

The final tolerances of the bearings produced by FYH are stricter than the Japanese industrial product specifications. FYH bearings can be used for a variety of demanding applications, such as high-speed rotation.

FYH company produces about 700 kinds of standard bearings and about 300 kinds of bearing seats. Thousands of bearing components have made a significant contribution to the production industry. FYH also makes full use of its advantages as a professional manufacturer. In addition to standard products, it also manufactures seated rolling bearings that can withstand various severe environments such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and dust resistance. Moreover, in recent years, to meet the diverse needs of customers, the company has successively invested in the production of various bearing components such as small and lightweight bearing components (purification series), stainless steel series, ceramic series, etc, well received.

Key FYH Bearings Products

TFL bearing is the official authorized dealer of Japanese FYH bearings. FYH is the world’s leading manufacturer of sealed units (rolling bearing units). TFL Bearings has a unique ability to support many FYH bearing products through our extensive inventory, dedicated bearing application engineering personnel, and an experienced FYH bearing sales team.


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