HIWIN HGH15CA HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks

Guide Width or Diameter:
Guide Length:
 as your requirements
15mm, as your requirements




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Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 2000 >2000
Est. Time(days) 7 To be negotiated
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  • Product Description
  • HG Series- Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guide
    HG series linear guideways are designed with load capacity and rigidity higher than other similar products with circular-arc
    groove and structure optimization. It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions and
    self-aligning to absorb installation error. Thus, HIWIN HG series linear guideways can achieve a long life with high speed, accuracy, and smooth linear motion.
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks
    HGH 15CA
    HGW 45HC
    QHH 45HA
    QEH 30CA
    MGW 12H
    HGH 20CA
    HGW 55CC
    QHW 15CA
    QEH 35SA
    MGW 15C
    HGH 20HA
    HGW 55HC
    QHW 20CA
    QEH 35CA
    MGW 15H
    HGH 25CA
    HGW 65CC
    QHW 20HA
    NEW 15SA
    RGH 15CA
    HGH 25HA
    HGW 65HC
    QHW 25CA
    QEW 15CA
    RGH 20CA
    HGH 30CA
    HGR 15T
    QHW 25HA
    QEW 20SA
    RGH 20HA
    HGH 30HA
    HGR 20T
    QHW 30CA
    QEW 20CA
    RGH 25CA
    HGH 35CA
    HGR 25T
    QHW 30HA
    QEW 25SA
    RGH 25HA
    HGH 35HA
    HGR 30T
    QHW 35CA
    QEW 25CA
    RGH 30CA
    HGH 45CA
    HGR 35T
    QHW 35HA
    QEW 30SA
    RGH 30HA
    HGH 45HA
    HGR 45T
    QHW 45CA
    QEW 30CA
    RGH 35CA
    HGH 55CA
    HGR 55T
    QHW 45HA
    QEW 35SA
    RGH 35HA
    HGH 55HA
    HGR 65T
    QHW 15CB
    QEW 35CA
    RGH 45CA
    HGH 65CA
    EGH 15SA
    QHW 20CB
    QEW 15SB
    RGH 45HA
    HGH 65HA
    EGH 15CA
    QHW 20HB
    QEW 15CB
    RGH 55CA
    HGL 15CA
    EGH 20SA
    QHW 25CB
    QEW 20CB
    RGH 55HA
    HGL 25CA
    EGH 20CA
    QHW 25HB
    QEW 20CB
    RGH 65CA
    HGL 25HA
    EGH 25SA
    QHW 30CB
    QEW 25SB
    RGH 65HA
    HGL 30CA
    EGH 25CA
    QHW 30HB
    QEW 25CB
    RGW 15CC
    HGL 30HA
    EGH 30SA
    QHW 35CB
    QEW 30SB
    RGW 20CC
    HGL 35CA
    EGH 30CA
    QHW 35HB
    QEW 30CB
    RGW 20HC
    HGL 35HA
    EGH 35SA
    QHW 45CB
    QEW 35SB
    RGW 25CC
    HGL 45CA
    EGH 35CA
    QHW 45HB
    QEW 35CB
    RGW 25HC
    HGL 45HA
    EGW 15SA
    QHW 15CC
    WEH 27CA
    RGW 30CC
    HGL 55CA
    EGW 15CA
    QHW 20CC
    WEH 35CA
    RGW 30HC
    HGL 55HA
    EGW 20SA
    QHW 20HC
    WEW 27CC
    RGW 35CC
    HGW 15CA
    EGW 20CA
    QHW 25CC
    WEW 35CC
    RGW 35HC
    HGW 20CA
    EGW 25SA
    QHW 25HC
    MGN 7C
    RGW 45CC
    HGW 20HA
    EGW 25CA
    QHW 30CC
    MGN 7H
    RGW 45HC
    HGW 25CA
    EGW 30SA
    QHW 30HC
    MGN 9C
    RGW 55CC
    HGW 25HA
    EGW 30CA
    QHW 35CC
    MGN 9H
    RGW 55HC
    HGW 30CA
    EGW 35SA
    QHW 35HC
    MGN 12C
    RGW 65CC
    HGW 30HA
    EGW 35CA
    QHW 45CC
    MGN 12H
    RGW 65HC
    HGW 35CA
    EGW 15SB
    QHW 45HC
    MGN 15C
    RGR 15T
    HGW 35HA
    EGW 15CB
    QEH 15SA
    MGN 15H
    RGR 20T
    HGW 45CA
    EGW 20SB
    QEH 15CA
    MGW 7C
    RGR 25T
    HGW 45HA
    EGW 20CB
    QEH 20SA
    MGW 7H
    RGR 30T
    HGW 55CA
    EGW 25SB
    QEH 20CA
    MGW 9C
    RGR 35T
    HGW 55HA
    EGW 25CB
    QEH 25SA
    MGW 9H
    RGR 45T
    HGW 65CA
    EGW 30SB
    QEH 25CA
    MGW 12C
    RGR 55T
    HGW 65HA
    EGW 30CB
    HGW 45CB
    QHH 15CA
    RGR 65T
    HGW 15CB
    EGW 35SB
    HGW 45HB
    QHH 20CA
    HGW 25HC
    HGW 20CB
    EGW 35CB
    HGW 55CB
    QHH 20HA
    HGW 30CC
    HGW 20HB
    EGR 15U
    HGW 55HB
    QHH 25CA
    HGW 30HC
    HGW 25CB
    EGR 30U
    HGW 65CB
    QHH 25HA
    HGW 35CC
    HGW 25HB
    EGR 15T
    HGW 65HB
    QHH 30CA
    HGW 35HC
    HGW 30CB
    EGR 20T
    HGW 15CC
    QHH 30HA
    HGW 45CC
    HGW 30HB
    EGR 25T
    HGW 20CC
    QHH 35CA
    HGW 35CB
    EGR 30T
    HGW 20HC
    QHH 35HA
    HGW 35HB
    EGE 35T
    HGW 25CC
    QHH 45CA
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks
    HIWIN HGH15CA  HGH15CAZAC linear guide blocks