Application of railway bearings

Railway transportation is a rapidly developing industry. Bearings are also indispensable in the railway production and application industry. Bearings used in the railway industry must have high carrying capacity and safety performance.

Railway bearing application railway, wheel axle bearing railway locomotive, and rolling stock wheel axle system adopt different structural designs due to other application conditions. Locomotives and passenger cars have axle boxes, and the bearings are connected to the bogie through the axle box. Railway freight cars have no axle boxes, and the approaches are connected through the saddle.

The bogie side frame is attached. The bearing bears the impact load generated between the wheelset and the bogie frame and also carries the axial load generated by the vehicle turning. The wheel bearing structure includes cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing units, tapered roller bearings, and tapered roller bearing units.

Bearings for the Railway: why choose TFL?

Special bearings for high-speed trains
High-speed commuter train. Express “Peregrine” Russia. Train “Sapsan”

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Combined with the latest technological advancements, our bearings provide the best performance and reliability. The solutions implemented by TFL-BEARINGS are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and life cycle cost (LCC) of your application.

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Regardless of the train type (high-speed, regional, intercity, tram, subway, and freight car), we provide solutions for each of your railway applications (bogies, axles, transmission, and traction engines). Our products are suitable for global use and meet the standards of each country.

Reliability and certification
We take pride in maintaining high-quality standards: we guarantee the reliability and overall safety of railway bearings. Therefore, the railway bearings we provide are all certified by IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).

Our products for the Railway industry: performance, reliability, precision

Each type of manufacturing equipment is different, so it is essential to find suitable bearing products for your railways, high-speed trains, and other railway equipment. We can help you find the best bearings for your application so that they can operate efficiently. Learn more about our railway bearing options and immediately request a quote for the bearings you need to succeed in railway equipment.

All operators and manufacturers of rail vehicles, like passengers, want any A rail vehicle (from trams to high-speed trains) that has exceptionally high reliability And operational safety. Take the light rail vehicle as an example, the low floor is more concerned, And multi-group design, their running gears, bogies, and other components must be designed to be very compact.

Gearbox bearings
The primary function of the rolling bearing in the gearbox is
Stabilize the shaft and support the transmission force. It means it
They must withstand extreme loads in complex environments
Types are mainly tapered roller bearings, four-point joints
Contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Second use
Deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, and angular joints
Touch ball bearing. The bearing configuration varies; the main
According to the design and operating conditions of the gearbox
The main requirements for bearings for gearboxes are:
●High speed
●High load
●Vibration and shock resistance
●High-temperature resistance
●High guidance accuracy
●Compact design
Select according to the relevant size of the gearbox manufacturer
Select the bearing while considering the above factors. -General
The calculated life expectancy is more significant than 1.5 million kilometers.
The characteristics of TFL gearbox bearings are:
●Enhanced internal design
●Special cage design
●Tolerance reduced and internal clearance adjusted
●A stop groove is designed on the outer ring to prevent it from turning

Traction motor bearings
Rolling bearings used for traction motors must be full
Challenges for reliable operation and long service life
Cylindrical roller bearings and deep grooves are usually used here
Jack joint. Their calculated lifetime is due to the following
The design can usually be greater than 2 million kilometers.
●Special cage design
●Enhanced internal design
●Adjustable tolerance and internal clearance
●Effective ceramic insulation
Axle box bearing
In the freight electric locomotive, the axle box is used
Two rolling bearings to support the traction in the transverse configuration
Motor. The hug bearing directly suspends the traction motor
Hang on the wheelset shaft.
To achieve a long operating life of the hug bearing (through
Under normal circumstances, the operating life should exceed 2 million kilometers),
The rolling bearings used here should have
Very high carrying capacity.
High loads caused by vibration and shock are usually used
Special circle with reinforced stamped metal cage
The tapered roller bearing is loaded. Outer ring with flange or insulation
The special design of the layer can also be supplied on demand.

With iron Close cooperation process between road vehicle manufacturers and operators, We give the best for each bearing application Configuration scheme. Our products include axle box bearings and Axle box body, used for traction motor, gearbox, vehicle connection Connecting device and pendulum technology bearings and their parts, too—all series such as bearings for doors and sliding walls. Bearings used in the railway industry must have high load carrying capacity, Power, and safety performance.

Bearings for high-speed rail

  The operating speed of the bearing is above 200km/h, which requires the approach to have high load carrying capacity and safety performance;

  Because the double-row tapered roller bearing has a better sealing structure, the clearance has been adjusted before installation, so this type of bearing is mainly used in high-speed rail bearings.

   Locomotive Bearing

   Railway locomotive bearing vehicle wheel axle system adopts different structures due to other application conditions. The locomotive and passenger car has an axle box, and the bearing is connected to the bogie through the axle box. Cylindrical roller bearings are generally used.

   Freight Car Bearings

  Wheelset bearings generally use cylindrical roller bearings.

  Subway Bearing

   Generally, it is a double-row cylindrical bearing with sealing devices on both sides or two paired single-row cylindrical roller bearings with a sealing device on one side. The directions are pre-installed with grease.

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