Electrically Insulated Bearings

Insulated bearing (ceramic-coated bearings)refers to the ability to block the current through the bearing itself has insulating properties of the bearing of the general term. Its insulation performance is usually a special process in the bearing inner ring or outer ring coated with a protective layer of insulating material or its rolling body made of ceramic to achieve the purpose of insulation.

Insulated bearings are based on the type of bearings they belong to, and the bearings are insulated. Therefore, in addition to the original functions of all kinds of bearings, insulated bearings also have insulating properties. The most effective solution to the problem of current corrosion in bearings is the use of insulated bearings. Commonly, there are three types of insulated bearings: ceramic-coated, resin-coated, and ceramic rolling elements. Ceramic-coated bearings are the most widely used. This guide details what you need to know about insulated bearings!

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Motor bearings play an important role in the efficient operation of motors. Even with strict production control during motor manufacturing, it is difficult to completely avoid magnetic asymmetry of the armature and rotor. This asymmetry generates a voltage between the stators. The current through the bearings is even worse, especially in AC motors. This current produces corrosion pits, fusion marks, galvanic corrosion marks, discoloration, abrasion and other damage on the bearing raceways and rolling element surfaces. Of course, motors with inverter and 0-converter technology also produce this phenomenon. In order to block the current flowing through the bearings, it is necessary to cut off the electrical circuit, so insulated bearings and insulated bearing housings are created.

1. Electric power industry: Insulated cylindrical roller bearings for generators, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and thermal generators. They are suitable for motors and generators, especially for variable frequency motors.

2. Railway industry: Insulated cylindrical roller bearings for diesel locomotive traction motors: used in locomotives, etc.

3. Machinery and metallurgical industry: Insulated bearings for high-power variable frequency motors: used in cranes, textile machinery, printing machinery, iron-making equipment, steel-making equipment, steel rolling equipment, cutting equipment, coking equipment, complete sets of smelting equipment, etc.

4. Mining machinery industry: Insulated bearings for high-power high-voltage motors, suitable for mining machinery, coal preparation machines, coal washers, crushers, ball mills, grinders, and sand mills

5. Petrochemical industry: Insulated bearings for high-power explosion-proof motors: used in compressors, etc.


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