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Bearings for Medical Devices

As far as the development of medical technology is concerned, we are a development partner andpplier, providing customers with appropriate system solutions. For you, this means that you can purchase drives and bearing arrangements from a single source, thereby obtaining economic benefits from the new performance and design solutions.

The development of high-speed, high-precision diagnostic equipment is advancing, and the requirements for bearings and linear motion products used in bearings and linear motion products:

  • With high speed
  • High precision
  • High rigidity
  • Low vibration
  • low noise
  • Easy maintenance and other features

Bearings for the Medical Devices: why choose TFL?

Medical devices bearings
Medical Devices Industries -TFL

Technical consulting, maintenance solutions, and inventory management

Medical equipment and applications play a vital role in the health and safety of people around the world. The new medical equipment is designed to provide patients with faster and safer care. State-of-the-art equipment and tools require high-quality components to serve those in need of medical care.

Professional healthcare bearings enable medical equipment to maintain effective and efficient operations for healthcare professionals and their patients. tflbearing cooperates with different manufacturers to provide various bearing supplies for medical companies. Learn more about how the healthcare bearings selected by Ritbearing can benefit your application and patients.

Our products for the Medical Devices industry: performance, reliability, precision

New concepts, creative solutions

To achieve a shorter development time, it is necessary to measure and design rolling bearings and sliding bearings from the beginning. Medical technology application experts from our global operations engineering team will assist you in all stages of product development and work with you to develop new concepts and creative application solutions.

Different medical applications have specific needs. tflbearing provides a variety of bearing supply options for corporate healthcare equipment and other machinery. Our selection of bearing supplies include:

Cross roller bearing

Operate with a high level of rotation accuracy
Can accept inner ring or outer ring rotation
Accept loads from multiple directions

Needle bearing

High carrying capacity
Available in full and caged versions
A variety of sizes are available to meet the applications of small radial cross-sections
Options include cam followers, roller followers, and traditional needle roller designs
Available in chrome steel and stainless steel

Plastic Bearing

Can handle applications without using grease or oil
Resistance to chemical changes

Radial ball bearing

Works well in a contaminated environment
Requires little service or maintenance
A variety of lubrication methods to choose from
Able to run at high speed
Material options are available, including stainless steel

Slewing bearing

Very suitable for large load carrying requirements
Provides a variety of design options
Steel wire raceway bearings are the ideal choice to meet the needs of lightweight

Joint bearing

Suitable for swing movement
Can handle some misalignment
Ability to withstand radial load
Design options include plain bearings, rod ends, and bushings

Thin section bearings

Compact design, suitable for small space constraints
Available in a variety of cross-sections and sizes
High stiffness
Short development time

Thrust ball bearing

Axial load capacity
Not suitable for radial load applications
Provide a one-way or two-way version

Our advantage: a solution that is easy to maintain and assemble

Usually, the complete components that we deliver can be used only by tightening. After fine-tuning, these components fit perfectly with each other and with adjacent components. The modular design is supported by many accessories and service packages from which customers can choose-from sealing conditions to suitable surface coatings for individual bearing components to lubricant recommendations. Our easy-to-maintain and assemble solutions are suitable for various applications:

  • Ceiling bracket
  • CT machine
  • C-arm X-ray machine
  • X-ray tube
  • Scanning bed
  • Dental chair
  • Handheld dental instruments
  • Direct drive
  • Laboratory equipment

We cooperate with many manufacturers around the world to provide our customers with a variety of high-quality bearing options for medical equipment. Our bearing partners include:

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