Self Aligning Ball Bearings of the Series 12

With the swivelling inner ring, the self aligning ball bearings 1202 offers excellent alignment error compensation. With the two rings of barrel-shaped rollers, it can absorb high radial forces. Main dimensions according to DIN 630.

  • self-aligning ball bearing with two rows of balls
  • pivoting inner ring, misalignments and shaft deflections can be compensated
  • suitable for high radial loads and light axial loads in both directions
  • cage material: sheet steel, high load-bearing capacity and high strength; suitable for continuous high temperatures
  • seal: open (without seal); for higher speeds than with sealed ball bearings and easy relubrication
  • good fixed bearing property, but can also be used as a floating bearing, each in both directions
  • manufacturers of bearings, such as FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, NTN-SNR, etc. assign different suffixes for their characteristics; for better orientation, take note of the comparison table of bearings (see further information)

The special feature of this series

Main dimensions according to DIN 630. Self-aligning ball bearings of the series 12 have smaller dimensions than self-aligning ball bearings of the series 13 with the same inner diameter, (self aligning bearing size chart) whereof results in a lower weight. From 17 millimetre inner diameter on, they are also available with tapered bore (for fixing the adapter sleeve). They are open, can thus be regreased easily and can be used in case of a high rotational speed.

Item no.Inside Ø   d (mm)Outside Ø D (mm)Width B (mm)BoreSealRing MaterialRolling Element MaterialCage Material
120010309cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1200-TN10309cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1201123210cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1201-TN123210cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1202153511cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1202-TN153511cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1203174012cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1203-K174012concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1203-K-TN174012concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1203-TN174012cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1204204714cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1204-K204714concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1204-K-TN204714concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1204-TN204714cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1205255215cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1205-K255215concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1205-K-TN255215concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1205-TN255215cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1206306216cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1206-K306216concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1206-K-TN306216concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1206-TN306216cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1207357217cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1207-K357217concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1207-K-TN357217concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1207-TN357217cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1208408018cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1208-K408018concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1208-K-TN408018concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1208-TN408018cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1209458519cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1209-K458519concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1209-K-TN458519concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1209-TN458519cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1210509020cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1210-K509020concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1210-K-TN509020concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1210-TN509020cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12115510021cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1211-K5510021concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1211-K-TN5510021concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1211-TN5510021cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12126011022cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1212-K6011022concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1212-K-TN6011022concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1212-TN6011022cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12136512023cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1213-K6512023concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1213-K-TN6512023concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1213-TN6512023cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12147012524cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1214-K7012524concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1214-K-TN7012524concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1214-TN7012524cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12157513025cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1215-K7513025concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1215-K-TN7513025concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1215-TN7513025cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12168014026cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1216-K8014026concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1216-K-TN8014026concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1216-TN8014026cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12178515028cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1217-K8515028concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1217-K-TN8515028concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1217-TN8515028cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12189016030cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1218-K9016030concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1218-K-TN9016030concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
1218-TN9016030cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelPlastic
12199517032cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1219-K9517032concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
122010018034cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1220-K10018034concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
122110519036cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1221-K10519036concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
122211020038cylin­dricalopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1222-K11020038concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
1224-K12021542concialopenChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
Sabb ny tcm 12 278493

Self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of balls, a common sphered raceway in the outer ring and two deep uninterrupted raceway grooves in the inner ring. They are available open or sealed. The bearings are insensitive to angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, which can be caused, for example, by shaft deflection.

  • Accommodate static and dynamic misalignment
    The bearings are self-aligning like spherical roller bearings or CARB bearings.
  • Excellent high-speed performance
    Self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, which enables them to run cooler even at high speeds.
  • Minimum maintenance
    Because of low heat generation, the bearing temperature is lower, leading to extended bearing life and maintenance intervals.
  • Low friction
    Very loose conformity between balls and outer ring keeps friction and frictional heat at low levels.
  • Excellent light load performance
    Self-aligning ball bearings have low minimum load requirements.
  • Low noise
    Self-aligning ball bearings can reduce noise and vibration levels, for example, in fans.

Available brands: INA/FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, NTN-SNR, IKO, NACHI, TIMKEN, different suffixes are assigned according to their characteristics. Please pay attention to the bearing comparison table (see more information). In addition, to meet the special needs of the equipment, we accept bearing customization to meet your specific needs.

When to use self-aligning bearings?

Self-aligning bearings are designed for applications where misalignment or angular displacement between the shaft and the bearing housing is expected. Misalignment can be adjusted inside or outside the bearing.

How do self aligning ball bearing work?

Often referred to as the “ideal” ball, we demystify how self-aligning bearings run and share their multiple uses.

Have you ever wondered what self-aligning ball bearings and roller bearings, or other custom solutions to distinguish? How exactly do these bearings self-align? These little wonders are often recommended and designed to be placed in the application; otherwise, there is a dislocation. Assembly errors may come from misalignment, deflection, machine errors or other manufacturing defects.

Self-aligning bearing design has so many uses in the game. Self-aligning ball bearings include two volleyball and a spherical outer ring.

This unique ball bearing outer race (sometimes doubling in the self-aligning bearing) can self-align and run smoothly without causing any stress on bearings. As it involves a roller, these units can be run faster than the other bearing. These bearings have many variations, making them essential goods in your industry.

Self aligning ball bearings are often used in the following industries:

Medical devices bearings

Medical Devices Industries

Mining & construction bearings

Mining & Construction Industries

Office equipment bearing

Office Equipment

Motorcycles bearings

Motorcycles Industries

Bearings for paper manufacturing applications

Papermaking Industries

Pump compr01

Pumps & Compressors


Railways Industries


Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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