Deep Groove Ball Bearings of the series C-69 (Hybrid) 

  • designed as hybrid deep groove ball bearing: rolling elements made of ceramic, inner and outer ring made of stainless steel
  • cage material: plastic; the low weight and the elasticity of the plastic have a positive effect on the sliding and emergency running properties as well as the shock resistance; suitable for quiet running
  • lighter than comparable deep groove ball bearings with steel balls as rolling elements; ceramic balls have a current-insulating effect; withstands higher speeds and has a high wear resistance
  • thin section bearing with a thin, square cross section
  • suitable for space-saving installation in radial and axial directions
  • suitable for high speeds compared to deep groove ball bearings with a larger cross section
  • extra light series with compact dimensions and low weight
  • suitable for radial loads and light axial loads in both directions
  • offers high running accuracy, quiet running and very high speeds
  • seal: open (without seal); for higher speeds than with sealed ball bearings and easy relubrication
  • good fixed bearing property, but can also be used as a floating bearing, each in both directions
  • manufacturers of bearings, such as FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, SNR, OEM, etc. assign different suffixes for their characteristics, for better orientation take note of the comparison table of bearings (see further information)
Bearing number Bore Diameter (d)Outer Diameter (D) Width (B) SealRing MaterialRolling Element MaterialCage Material
SS-C-6900-TN-OIL10226openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6900-ZZ-TN-OIL10226ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6900-ZZ10226ZZChrome SteelCeramicsSheet Steel
SS-C-6901-2RS-DRY122462RSStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6901-2RS-TN-DRY122462RSStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6901-ZZ-TN-DRY12246ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6901-2RS122462RSChrome SteelCeramicsSheet Steel
SS-C-6902-ZZ15287ZZStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6902-ZZ-TN-OIL15287ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6902-TN-OIL15287openChrome SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6903-DRY17307openStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6903-TN-OIL17307openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6903-ZZ-DRY17307ZZStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6903-ZZ-TN-OIL17307ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6904-2RS203792RSStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6904-2RS-TN203792RSStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6904-TN-OIL20379openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6904-TN-DRY20379openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6904-ZZ20379ZZStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6904-ZZ-TN-OIL20379ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6904-2RS-DRY203792RSChrome SteelCeramicsSheet Steel
SS-C-6905-TN25429openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6905-TN-OIL25429openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6905-ZZ-TN-OIL25429ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6905-2RS-OIL254292RSChrome SteelCeramicsSheet Steel
SS-C-6906-2RS304792RSStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6906-2RS-TN304792RSStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6906-TN-OIL30479openStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6906-ZZ30479ZZStainless SteelCeramicsStainless Steel
SS-C-6906-ZZ-TN30479ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
SS-C-6906-ZZ-TN-OIL30479ZZStainless SteelCeramicsPlastic
C-6906-TN-OIL30479openChrome SteelCeramicsPlastic

Special feature of this series

Main dimensions according to DIN 625-1. Hybrid thin section bearings of the 69 series are equipped with low-wear, current insulating ceramic balls withstanding extremely high speeds. They have considerably smaller dimensions than deep groove ball bearings of the 60, 62, 63 and 64 series with their thin, square cross section at the same inside diameter. In comparison to their inside diameter they have a small outside diameter – and furthermore – they are relatively narrow. Relatively high shaft- and axis diameters can thereby be installed at an also extremely confined installation space. They are light and are suitable for comparatively high speeds. They are available with rings made of stainless steel or rolling bearing steel.

Manufacturers of bearingssuch as FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, SNR, etc. assign different suffixes for their characteristics, for better orientation take note of the comparison table of bearings (see further information)

Can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The hybrid deep groove ball bearing SS-C-6900-TN has excellent properties due to the ceramic rolling elements. It is narrow and can also be used in a limited space. The low weight allows very high speeds. Main dimensions according to DIN 625-1.

Other options: Metal shield (ZZ) or rubber seal (2RS) can be provided.

Deep groove 6000a
Deep Groove Ball Bearings of the series C-69 (Hybrid) -TFL

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are able to accommodate low to heavy radial loads and low to moderate thrust loads in either direction. They are available with metal shields (ZZ) or rubber seals (2RS). Several tolerance grades (Abec 1-9), internal clearance (C2 to C4) and cage designs are available to best suit the running precision and speed of the application.

Common Options:

  • ZZ– Two Metal Shields
  • 2RS– Two Rubber Seals
  • NR– Snap Ring
  • M– Brass Cage
  • C0– Normal Internal Clearance
  • C3– Greater than normal
Deep Groove Ball Bearings of the series C-69 (Hybrid) -TFL

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