RMS in inch sizes Series Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Product benefits of TFL Bearing’s RMS in inch sizes Series Ball Bearing:

  • light series with compact dimensions and low weight
  • suitable for high radial loads and light axial loads in both directions
  • suitable for high running accuracy, quiet running, and high speeds
  • seal: contact lip seal on both sides made of rubber (2RS) for high sealing effect
  • the good fixed bearing property, but can also be used as a floating bearing, each in both directions
  • manufacturers of bearings, such as FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, SNR, OEM, etc. assign different suffixes for their characteristics, for better orientation take note of the comparison table of bearings (see further information)
Bearing numberBore Diameter (d)Outer Diameter (D)Width (B)SealInternal Clear-anceRing MaterialRolling Element MaterialCage Material
RMS05-2RS16mm46mm16mm2RSCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS05-OIL16mm46mm16mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS05-ZZ16mm46mm16mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS06-2RS51mm17mm2RSCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS06-OIL51mm17mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS06-ZZ51mm17mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS07-2RS22mm57mm17mm2RSCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS07-OIL22mm57mm17mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS07-ZZ22mm57mm17mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS08-2RS64mm19mm2RSCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS08-OIL64mm19mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS08-ZZ64mm19mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS09-OIL29mm71mm21mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS09-ZZ29mm71mm21mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS10-2RS32mm79mm22mm2RSCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS10-OIL32mm79mm22mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS10-ZZ32mm79mm22mmZZCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS11-OIL35mm89mm22mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS12-OIL38mm95mm24mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS1341mm102mm24mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS13-OIL41mm102mm24mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS14-OIL44mm108mm27mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS16-OIL51mm114mm27mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS18-OIL57mm127mm32mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel
RMS20-OIL64mm140mm32mmopenCNChrome SteelChrome SteelSheet Steel

Special feature of this series

Ball bearings of this medium series in Zoll/inch-dimensions offer a balanced ratio between their radial load carrying capacity, the required installation space, their weight, and the admissible speed. They have a considerably higher load carrying capacity than deep groove ball bearings of the R series and are versatile.

Rubber seals (RS/2RS) have the optimum sealing action with increased friction. Metal seals (Z/ZZ) are suitable for higher speeds, but they have a limited sealing action as they seal contactless. Open, seal-less bearings are suitable for extremely high speeds and – furthermore – they can be regreased more easily. However, they are more susceptible to soiling.

Manufacturers of bearingssuch as FAG, KOYO, NSK, SKF, SNR, etc. assign different suffixes for their characteristics, for better orientation take note of the comparison table of bearings (see further information)

Can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Loadable, stable, and with good spinning characteristics. The deep groove ball bearing RMS05-2RS in inch-size is a true all-rounder and, due to its balanced properties, it is suitable for a variety of applications.

Other options: Metal shield (ZZ) or rubber seal (2RS) can be provided.

Deep groove 6000a
RMS in inch sizes Series -TFL

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are able to accommodate low to heavy radial loads and low to moderate thrust loads in either direction. They are available with metal shields (ZZ) or rubber seals (2RS). Several tolerance grades (Abec 1-9), internal clearance (C2 to C4) and cage designs are available to best suit the running precision and speed of the application.

Common Options:

  • ZZ– Two Metal Shields
  • 2RS– Two Rubber Seals
  • NR– Snap Ring
  • M– Brass Cage
  • C0– Normal Internal Clearance
  • C3– Greater than normal
RMS in inch sizes Series -TFL

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