6300 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Product benefits of TFL Bearing’s 6300 Series Ball Bearing:

  • Single row radial ball bearing
  • 6200 available in Metric and Inches / 6300 available in Metric
  • Made from 52100 High Carbon Steel
  • Uses Grade 10 Balls
  • ABEC 1
  • Chevron SRI 2 and Mobil Polyrex EM2 Grease
  • Available with Rubber Seals, Metal Shields, or Open, Also available in Stainless Steel
  • Used in food processing, household appliances, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, motorcycles, pumps, fans, water treatment, and many other industrial applications
  • Can be customized to meet your specific needs

This series is similar in function to the 6200 series. Produced with larger ball complement enabling the bearing to withstand greater radial and thrust loads for a given bore size. This series is available with open, shields, seals, or snap rings upon request. Sealed bearings may be obtained with light, standard, or heavy starting torques.

The 6300 series is has a larger ball complement and heavier races, which provide greater radial, thrust, and combined load capacities. Functionally, the 6300 series is similar to the 6200 series. Bearings can have permanent metal shields (ZZ) or removable rubber seals (2RS) installed. As with other series, tolerance grades Abec 1-9, internal clearances C2 to C4, and various cage designs are available.

Manufacturer NameBearing brand or OEM

6000 series
6300 Series -TFL

Other options: Metal shield (ZZ) or rubber seal (2RS) can be provided.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are able to accommodate low to heavy radial loads and low to moderate thrust loads in either direction. They are available with metal shields (ZZ) or rubber seals (2RS). Several tolerance grades (Abec 1-9), internal clearance (C2 to C4) and cage designs are available to best suit the running precision and speed of the application.

Common Options:

  • ZZ– Two Metal Shields
  • 2RS– Two Rubber Seals
  • NR– Snap Ring
  • M– Brass Cage
  • C0– Normal Internal Clearance
  • C3– Greater than normal
Deep groove 6000a
6300 Series -TFL
Item #(d) Bore Diameter(D) Outer Diameter(B) Width(C) Dynamic Load(Co) Static Load(C) Dynamic Load(Grease) Lubrication Speed(Oil) Lubrication Speed
630010 mm35 mm11 mm8060 N3400 N15000 r/min20000 r/min26000 r/min
630112 mm37 mm12 mm9750 N4150 N14000 r/min19000 r/min24000 r/min
630215 mm42 mm13 mm11400 N5400 N12000 r/min17000 r/min20000 r/min
630317 mm47 mm14 mm13500 N6550 N11000 r/min16000 r/min19000 r/min
630420 mm52 mm15 mm15900 N7800 N9500 r/min13000 r/min16000 r/min
630525 mm62 mm17 mm22500 N11600 N7500 r/min11000 r/min14000 r/min
630630 mm72 mm19 mm28100 N16000 N6300 r/min9000 r/min11000 r/min
630735 mm80 mm21 mm33200 N19000 N6000 r/min8500 r/min10000 r/min
630840 mm90 mm23 mm41000 N24000 N5000 r/min7500 r/min9000 r/min
630945 mm100 mm25 mm52700 N31500 N4500 r/min6700 r/min8000 r/min
631050 mm110 mm27 mm61800 N38000 N4300 r/min6300 r/min7500 r/min
631155 mm120 mm29 mm71500 N45000 N3800 r/min5600 r/min6700 r/min
631260 mm130 mm31 mm81900 N52000 N3400 r/min5000 r/min6000 r/min
631365 mm140 mm33 mm92300 N60000 N3200 r/min4800 r/min5600 r/min
631470 mm150 mm35 mm104000 N68000 N3000 r/min4500 r/min5300 r/min
631575 mm160 mm37 mm114000 N76500 N2800 r/min4300 r/min5000 r/min
631680 mm170 mm39 mm124000 N86500 N2600 r/min3800 r/min4500 r/min
631785 mm180 mm41 mm133000 N96500 N2400 r/min3600 r/min4300 r/min
631890 mm190 mm43 mm143000 N108000 N2400 r/min3400 r/min4000 r/min
631995 mm200 mm45 mm153000 N118000 NN/A3200 r/min3800 r/min
6320100 mm215 mm47 mm174000 N140000 NN/A3000 r/min3600 r/min
6321105 mm225 mm49 mm182000 N153000 NN/A2800 r/min3400 r/min
6322110 mm240 mm50 mm203000 N180000 NN/A2600 r/min3200 r/min
6324120 mm260 mm55 mm208000 N186000 NN/A2400 r/min3000 r/min
6326130 mm280 mm58 mm229000 N216000 NN/A2200 r/min2800 r/min
6328140 mm300 mm62 mm251000 N245000 NN/A2000 r/min2600 r/min
6330150 mm320 mm65 mm276000 N285000 NN/A1900 r/min2400 r/min
6332160 mm340 mm68 mm276000 N285000 NN/A1800 r/min2200 r/min

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