Application of deep groove ball bearings in the food industry

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Application of deep groove ball bearings in the food industry -TFL

Application of deep groove ball bearings in the food industry

Hygiene and humidity
Most food processing areas, as part of the process or necessary cleaning methods, need to be in a humid, humid, or chemically aggressive environment. The typical problem is flushing the grease, and the grease and labor required to replenish the lubrication equipment add to the cost. Due to poor chemical resistance, bearing and bearing seat materials may corrode which may cause peeling, lose strength, and create cavities where bacteria accumulate, which may cause food contamination.
In order to avoid downtime and high maintenance costs, TFL has developed a series of anti-corrosion and sanitary design equipment components. These components minimize the accumulation of bacteria, the risk of contamination, and the number of lubrication washes.
Excellent corrosion resistance
In the processing environment of the food industry, corrosion resistance is an important factor.
Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings have excellent corrosion resistance and are especially suitable for applications where the bearings need to be exposed to humidity and water vapor. This type of bearing has a wide range of uses because its sealed type can be equipped with various greases, such as food-grade non-toxic USDA H1 grease, which has high washing resistance.
TFL stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are a reliable non-corrosive solution for safe food processing

Application of deep groove ball bearings in the food industry -TFL

Food and beverage manufacturers and manufacturers need to provide quality products machine uptime and food safety. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can confront these challenges.
These corrosion-resistant materials and food-grade lubricants from stainless steel rings, balls, and cages help improve food safety and production uptime and reliability improved. The following series of standards and configurations, thin, narrow, and microstructure:
   6000, 6200, 6300, and 600 series, open design, double contact sealing and double shielding, food-grade grease, food-grade solid grease; and the advantages of ordinary industrial grease products.
Use stainless steel rings, steel balls, and cages to resist corrosion and improve metal detectability. Use NSF H1 registered waterproof grease for shielding and sealing bearings to improve food safety.

Obtain solutions:
Improve food safety
Our products meet stringent food safety regulations, including compliance with FDA 21.CFR 178.3570. As a result, you can see an improvement in operating performance.
Reduced maintenance
Products are designed in demanding applications and environments running longer.
Outside reducing unplanned downtime
Durable products that can help you avoid sudden and costly downtime. Use products are designed to cope with harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals, avoid costly replacement.
Improve overall productivity
Our products are designed to improve efficiency. Although the chemical rinse and humid environment, you can still keep the better operating efficiency.

Our corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings well suited for a variety of applications:

  • Poultry deboning machine
  • Transport roller
  • Form filling and sealing machine
  • Filling equipment
  • Combination weigher
  • Labeling equipment

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