Detailed introduction of the world’s nine well-known bearing brands

Perhaps you have seen articles about ranking the best bearing brands in many places. Bearings are components that fix and reduce the friction coefficient of the load during the mechanical transmission process. It can also be said that when other parts move relative to each other on the shaft, they are used to reduce the coefficient of friction during power transmission and maintain a fixed shaft centre position. Bearings are an essential part of modern machinery and equipment.

Its primary function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission of the equipment. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Below, TFL Bearing Company has compiled the rankings of 9 major bearing brands for you, and I hope it can be helpful to you.


The full name of SKF is Svenska Kullager-Fabriken

Location of company headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden;

  • Established time: 1907;
  • Founder: Sven Wingquist;
  • Production enterprises: 105;
  • Number of employees: about 38,748;
  • Number of companies: about 150;
  • President and CEO CEO: Tom Johnstone Tom Johnstone

SKF Bearings entered China as early as 1912, and now there are many SKF authorized dealers, agents, and distributors in China.

SKF’s position in the world’s manufacturing industry: the world’s largest bearing manufacturer; SKF bearing production accounts for 20% of the world’s total output of similar products.

SKF product introduction

SKF provides standard products with more than 20,000 kinds of bearings. In addition to rolling bearings, the SKF Group also manufactures linear bearings, sliding bearings, bearing housings, ball, and roller screws, textile machinery parts, retaining rings, machine tools, and various precision machinery parts. Gain extensive experience in the fields above and thus possess indispensable knowledge and expertise in developing, manufacturing, and applying different advanced engineering products. The small ones are like miniature bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, up to giant bearings weighing 34 tons each. In addition, SKF also provides a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease, and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.) to enable bearing users to obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.

Explorer series bearings, a characteristic product of SKF bearings, have better performance and longer life than any bearing brand currently on the market. They have outstanding performance in design and use. They are among the top scientists and engineers of the SKF Engineering and Research Center in the Netherlands. After years of meticulous research, the SKF Explorer bearing can be identified by the “EXPLORER” engraved on the side of the outer ring of the bearing and the “EXPLORER” logo on the box, but the product number remains unchanged.


Full name of FAG: Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft Fisher Co., Ltd.

Acquired by INA Bearing Company in 2001, it is now part of the German Schaeffler Group (Schaeffler)

  • Headquarters: Schweinfurt Industrial Zone, Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany
  • Established time: 1883
  • Founder: Friedrich Fischer, the inventor of the ball mill
  • The total number of employees of the Schaeffler Group: 66,000
  • Annual sales: more than 8.9 billion euros

FAG Bearing China Co., Ltd. now has many authorized agents, distributors, and offices.

FAG bearing characteristics

High reliability, small size, high load-bearing capacity, high-precision guidance, low friction, high-temperature resistance, low wear, easy installation, low lubricant consumption, low maintenance, easy purchase, and high-cost performance. Widely used in all walks of life, where other brands of bearings are not competent, its representative works are high-speed, high-precision spindle bearings, and the limit speed is higher than any other brand. And this excellent characteristic is generally reflected in all FAG bearings; it has a higher limit speed and bearing capacity.

FAG Bearings is a professional manufacturer of high-precision precision bearings. It is well-known in the world for its high precision and sharpness. Its products are mainly used in machine tool spindles and other industries, especially Schaeffer, characterized by high speed, high precision, and long service life. The most cutting-edge bearing products represented by the new X-life bearing are well-known worldwide.


NSK Bearing Company of Japan-NSK LTD.

Headquarters: Osaki, Shinagawa District, Tokyo, Japan

  • Established time: 1916
  • Representative Director and President: Asaka Seiichi
  • The total number of employees of the NSK Group: 23,413
  • Annual sales: more than 717 billion yen

At present, NSK has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide and has more than 50 manufacturing plants.

NSK (China) Sales Co., Ltd. now has several authorized agents, distributors, and representative offices.

NSK’s position in the world’s manufacturing industry: Japan’s largest bearing manufacturer, the world’s second-largest bearing manufacturer, and its product sales account for 13% of the global market.

NSK bearing characteristics introduction

NSK’s main product bearing is the foundation of the machinery industry and is known as the “food of the machinery industry”; it can effectively ensure the quality of all industrial products; NSK’s superb rotation technology and high-precision positioning technology ensure that the products are in good condition. Absolute reliability in the sub-micron range. The “MOTION&CONTROL” pursued by NSK, through endless exploration of friction phenomena, continuously improves the efficiency of rotation and operation to contribute to the global-scale energy-saving movement and resource protection.

NSK bearing characteristic products: NSK high-precision bearing series, this series of bearings adopt long-life bearing steel (Z steel), vacuum refined steel (VAR steel), and ultra-long-life, high-reliability bearing steel (EP steel) developed by NSK ) For the material, through the excellent precision processing technology, it makes a significant contribution to the improvement of the performance of the machinery used in various industries and also contributes to the energy conservation and resource conservation. For example, TAC02, TAC03 series thrust angular contact ball bearings for ball screw support of electric injection moulding machines, and TAC B series high-precision thrust angular contact ball bearings for precision screw support for high-speed, high-rigidity NSK double row cylindrical rollers for machine tool spindles Sub-bearings and so on.


NTN Bearing Company of Japan-NTN Co., Ltd.

  • Established time: 1918
  • Headquarters: Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Japan
  • Number of employees: more than 12,000
  • Annual sales: up to 2.05 billion US dollars (related sales of 2.85 billion US dollars

R&D institutions or production bases in 12 countries and regions, including Germany, the United States, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea. NTN of Japan has established joint venture companies in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Zhejiang since 2002.

NTN industry status: one of Japan’s three largest bearing companies; one of the world’s five largest comprehensive bearing manufacturers.

NTN bearing characteristics introduction

NTN’s precision machining technology and unique proprietary technology are accumulated and developed based on the long-term development of bearings. They are now widely used to produce precision machinery for all fields. This is a new sign of NTN’s development that constantly creates new value.

The various products of NTN bearings are produced with high-precision processing and testing technology in the unit of 0.01 micron. Ordinary household appliances that require high performance and low cost can still perform normally in harsh working environments. As far as aerospace rockets with bearing functions, NTN bearings have laid the foundation for the development of machinery in all walks of life and for various uses.


Timken 1
  • Company headquarters: Canton, Ohio, USA
  • Founder: Henry Timken
  • Founded: 1899
  • Number of employees: about 27,000
  • Enterprise size: 66 factories in 27 countries

One hundred five sales representative offices, authorized agent dealers, customer service centres, and distribution agencies. In 2003, Timken completed the acquisition of Torrington Bearing Company and built a complete product line of Timken, Torrington, and Fafnir, further consolidating and strengthening its leading position in the global bearing manufacturing industry.

TIMKEN’s position in the world’s manufacturing industry:

  • The third-largest bearing manufacturer in the world; the largest bearing manufacturer in North America;
  • The world’s largest manufacturer of tapered roller bearings;
  • The world’s leading manufacturer of needle roller bearings (referring to its Torrington Bearing Company).

TIMKEN product introduction

TIMKEN bearing application areas: in the automotive, railway, steel, machine tools, aircraft, construction machinery, agriculture, and other industrial fields, from disk drives to drills, from dental drills to rolling mill bearings, as long as wheels or shafts are rotating, Timken’s Products can improve its performance. “Where You Turn,” as Timken’s slogan, has long been familiar to Chinese users and is even more recognized by the world’s top manufacturing companies like Boeing. He is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced engineering bearings and alloy steel. TIMKEN steel is one of the world’s best quality clean steel. Timken bearings can have better performance even in the harshest environment. This is to benefit Based on its unique raw material TIMKEN bearing steel.


Iko 1

The full name of IKO bearing: Innovation, Know-how, and Originality means “innovation, technology, creativity.”

  • Established time: 1950
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

IKO industry status: Japan’s largest needle roller bearing manufacturer; one of the world’s top 3 needle roller bearing manufacturers

IKO bearing characteristics introduction

IKO bearing is a registered trademark of NIPPON THOMPSON CO., LTD. It is a technology and technology development-oriented manufacturer of industrial parts. It is a professional bearing manufacturer with expertise in producing needle roller bearings and linear guides. It enjoys a high reputation. Worldwide It is the manufacturer with the longest history, complete variety, and highest specialization in producing needle roller bearings in Japan. Its products are widely used in machine tools and other industries.



KOYO Bearing Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. was founded in 1921, has 6557 employees, and belongs to the JTEKT group.

It has eight leading production factories in Japan, including Tokyo, Nara, Odita, Toyohashi, Takamatsu, Tokushima, and Kameyama, and overseas production bases and research institutions in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

KOYO bearing characteristics introduction

Japan’s Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. produces tens of thousands of high-precision and high-quality KOYO bearing series products, providing related aerospace technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, high-precision processing machines; make the best choice for essential elements such as automobile, locomotive industry, steel industry…etc.

Koyo Bearing Industry Status: It is a research and development-type comprehensive functional product manufacturing company, one of Japan’s four largest bearing production groups, and has the world’s top production and control equipment.


Nachi 1

Company name: Fujitsu Co., Ltd. Trademark NACHI

  • Founding date: December 21, 1928
  • Capital: 13.3 billion yen
  • Total sales: 144.6 billion yuan (including overseas sales of 45.5 billion yen)
  • Number of group companies: 48 28 in Japan, 20 overseas
  • Several group employees: 5,350. (Among them: 2,620 people from Fujitsu Co., Ltd.)

NACHI bearing characteristics introduction

With the business philosophy of “contributing to the development of the manufacturing industry,” Fujitsu Bearing has three central machinery manufacturing businesses, including machine tools, functional parts, and materials. After 75 years of development, we combine various core technologies to promote research and development. At present, the company’s main products include cutting tools, machine tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, robots for automated production, special steel, ultra-precision machinery, and environmental systems for the IT industry. Fujitsu’s main factory is located in Toyama, Japan, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia also has production bases and has established resident representative offices and sales outlets around the world, which can quickly and accurately grasp the market trends and truly meet customer wishes.

NACHI company focused on creating the Quest series of high-performance, high-precision bearings, mainly represented by ball screw support bearings. This product uses unique raw materials, heat treatment, and processing technology. To meet the market’s needs for high-quality and diversified bearings, Nachi products have the advantages of high speed, high load, good durability, low torque, energy-saving, low noise, low vibration, and self-lubricating.



Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg, Germany,

  • Established time: 1946,
  • Founder: Dr George Schaeffler, the developer of combined needle roller and cage technology
  • Now it belongs to the German Schaeffler (Schaeffler KG) group together with FAG Bearing Company.

Since its establishment, the company has become a world leader in the needle roller bearing field and soon expanded from the original needle roller bearing field to a wide range of products. At present, the German INA Bearing Group has more than 30 production plants and more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

INA Bearing Product Series

Various types of needle roller bearings, needle rollers, the inner ring, and cage components; support and curve rollers; various short cylindrical bearings; seated bearings; thrust bearings; clutch bearings; combined radial-thrust bearings; full complement cylindrical bearings Roller bearings; linear and guide rail bearings for various purposes; special bearings for textile machinery, etc.


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