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SKF rolling bearing catalogue is divided into two main sections: a technical section and a product section. The technical section describes how to select and apply SKF rolling bearings and covers eight main topics marked with printed tabs from A to H. The product section is divided into chapters by product type. Each chapter contains specific information about the SKF bearing type and its optional variants and product tables. Each product chapter is marked by cut tabs with an easily identifiable icon.

A quick way to access detailed product data is via a product table number or SKF bearing size chart. Product table numbers are listed at the front of the product catalogue, at the beginning of each product chapter, and in the product index at the back of the catalogue.

SKF Rolling bearings catalogue

This catalogue contains the standard assortment of SKF rolling bearings typically used in industrial applications. To provide the highest quality and customer service, these products are available worldwide through SKF sales channels. For information about lead times and deliveries, contact your local SKF representative or SKF Authorized Distributor.

The data in this catalogue reflect SKF’s state-of-the-art technology and production capabilities as of 2012. The data contained within may differ from earlier catalogues because of redesign, technological developments, or revised calculation methods. SKF reserves the right to continually improve its products concerning materials, design, and manufacturing methods driven by technological developments.

This catalogue contains detailed information about standard SKF rolling bearings, several special engineered products and bearing accessories. Engineered products include motor encoder units, which can measure the speed and direction of rotation, polymer bear­ings and rolling bearings designed to fulfil additional requirements, such as:

• extreme temperatures
• electrical insulation
• dry lubrication
• insufficient lubrication
• rapid speed changes
• high vibration levels
• oscillating movements

The first section, which contains general tech­medical information, is designed to help the reader select the best, most effective products for a particular application. In this section, bearing service life, speed capabilities, fric­on, general design considerations and lubri­cation is discussed in detail. Installation and maintenance information is also included. More practical information about mounting and maintenance is provided in the SKF bearing maintenance handbook (ISBN 978­91­978966­4­1).

Find product details quickly

A quick way to access detailed product data is
via a product table number. Product table
numbers are listed in the table of contents at
the front of the catalogue, in the table of con­
tents at the start of each product chapter and
in the product index at the back of the

Identify products

Product designations for SKF rolling bearings
typically contain information about the bear­
ing and additional features. To specify an SKF
bearing or to find more information about it,
there are three options:

• Product Index
The product index at the end of the cata­
Logue lists series designations and relates them
to the bearing type and guides, the reader to
the relevant product chapter and product
• Designation charts
Product designations in each product chap­
there are located on the pages preceding the
product tables. These charts identify com­
only used designation prefixes and
• Text index
The text index at the end of the catalogue
contains designation suffixes in alphabetical
order. They are printed boldly for quick

The latest developments

Skf rolling bearings catalogue

Compared to the previous catalogue, the main content updates include the addition of Y­bearings and needle roller bearings and the following featured products: SKF Energy Efficient bearings.
To meet the ever­increasing demand to reduce energy use, SKF has developed the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) performance class of rolling bearings. SKF E2 bearings are charac­terized by a frictional moment in the bearing SKF Energy Efficient bearings are identified by the designation prefix E2.

SKF bearings catalogue pdf

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  • Principles of SKF bearing selection and application

SKF bearings unit conversions

Quantity    Unit Conversion
Length inch 1 mm 0.03937 in. 1 in. 25,40 mm
foot 1 m 3.281 ft. 1 ft. 0,3048 m
yard 1 m 1.094 yd. 1 yd. 0,9144 m
mile 1 km 0.6214 mi. 1 mi. 1,609 km
Area square inch 1 mm2 0.00155 sq­in 1 sq­in 645,16 mm2
square foot 1 m2 10.76 sq­ft 1 sq­ft 0,0929 m2
 Volume cubic inch 1 cm3 0.061 cu-in 1 cu-in 16,387 cm3
cubic foot 1 m3 35 cu-ft 1 cu-ft 0,02832 m3
imperial gallon 1 l 0.22 gallon 1 gallon 4,5461 l
US gallon 1 l 0.2642 US gallon 1 US gallon 3,7854 l
foot per second mile per hour 1 m/s 3.28 ft/s 1 ft/s 0,30480 m/s
1 km/h 0.6214 mph 1 mph 1,609 km/h
Mass ounce 1 g 0.03527 oz. 1 oz. 28,350 g
pound 1 kg 2.205 lb. 1 lb. 0,45359 kg
short ton 1 tonne 1.1023 short ton 1 short ton 0,90719 tonne
long ton 1 tonne 0.9842 long ton 1 long ton 1,0161 tonne
Density pound per cubic inch 1 g/cm3 0.0361 lb/cu-in 1 lb/cu-in 27,680 g/cm3
Force pound-force 1 N 0.225 lbf. 1 lbf. 4,4482 N
pounds per square inch 1 MPa 145 psi 1 psi 6,8948 ¥ 103 Pa
1 N/mm2 145 psi    
1 bar 14.5 psi 1 psi 0,068948 bar
Moment pound-force inch 1 Nm 8.85 lbf-in 1 lbf-in 0,113 Nm
Power foot-pound per second 1 W 0.7376 ft-lbf/s 1 ft-lbf/s 1,3558 W
horsepower 1 kW 1.36 hp 1 hp 0,736 kW
Temperature degree Celsius tC = 0.555 (tF – 32) Fahrenheit tF = 1,8 tC + 32

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