5 reasons to choose plastic bearings

1. What are plastic bearings?

Plastic bearings-as the name suggests, the materials used in the bearings are engineering plastic materials. The bearing inner ring, bearing outer ring, and cage are all engineering plastic materials. The bearing rolling bodies include glass balls, plastic balls, or stainless steel balls.

Plastic bearings currently in use can generally be divided into plastic rolling bearings and plastic sliding bearings. In recent years, engineering plastic products have been used more and more widely due to their excellent properties. Engineering plastics have broad application prospects in bearings, and more and more users are welcoming plastic bearings.

2. Characteristics of plastic sliding bearings

  • The whole plastic bearing is made of lubricating material, with long service life;
  • Plastic bearings will not rust and are resistant to corrosion during use, while metal bearings are easy to rust and cannot be used in chemical liquids;
  • Plastic bearings are lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modern lightweight design trends;
  • The manufacturing cost of plastic bearings is lower than that of metals; plastic bearings are processed by injection molding and are more suitable for mass production;
  • The plastic bearing has no noise during operation and has a certain vibration absorption function;
  • Plastic sliding bearings are suitable for high and low-temperature work -200~+250 degrees;
Plastic bearings
Plastic Bearings

3. How plastic bearings work

The friction that occurs when the plastic rolling bearing is working is rolling friction, and the magnitude of the friction mainly depends on the manufacturing accuracy;

The plastic sliding bearing is the sliding friction that occurs when it is working; the magnitude of the friction mainly depends on the material of the sliding surface of the bearing;

4. Types of plastic bearings

Pp plastic bearings 1
PP Plastic Bearings

The characteristics of POM plastic bearing, PP plastic bearings:

(1) High rigidity, high hardness, high impact strength even at low temperature;
(2) Excellent elasticity and good creep resistance;
(3) High heat stability and very good dimensional stability;
(4) Good sliding performance and wear resistance;
(5) Physiologically inert, suitable for contact with food;
(6) Not resistant to strong acids and strong oxidants, poor adhesion to paint

The main purpose:

Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration building materials

1. POM Plastic Bearings, PP Plastic Bearings

POM and PA materials have good mechanical strength and wear resistance and make more precise plastic bearings. The working temperature is from -60°C to 100°C. The surface strength is high and smooth, and there is no tension. It has good self-lubrication. Performance and friction coefficient, based on maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings, can be applied to precision and higher speed operation.

Among them, POM plastic bearings are the most widely used of all plastic bearings. Generally, the inner and outer ball materials are POM or PA, and the cage is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25). The balls are glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls. This kind of bearing performs well in alkaline environments but is not suitable for acidic corrosive environments.

Hdpe pp upe plastic bearings
PE material single side rib plastic bearing

HDPE, PP, UPE plastic bearing characteristics:

(1) Good corrosion resistance, resistance to various corrosive media and organic media within a certain temperature and concentration range
(2) High mechanical strength, able to maintain high toughness at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196℃)
(3) Good self-lubrication and high wear resistance
(4) Strong anti-adhesion ability
(5) Very low water absorption and excellent electrical insulation
(6) Good resistance to high-energy radiation

The main purpose:

Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration building materials

2. HDPE, PP, UPE plastic bearings

HDPE, PP, UPE materials have been proved to be able to be used in relatively weak acid-base cross-environment (30% Cucl2 solution and 30% NaOH solution test OK), so it is suitable for most acids/alkali/salt/solvent/oil/gas and Corrosive seawater environment. It has the oil-free, self-lubricating, anti-magnetic and electrical insulation properties of general plastic bearings, but it has low mechanical strength and is easy to deform. Therefore, these acid and alkali-resistant plastic bearings are not suitable for larger loads and higher speeds to overcome this type of acid resistance Disadvantages of alkali plastic bearings.

In comparison, the use of UPE materials has better strength, low friction characteristics and low-temperature application characteristics (as low as -150°C). Generally, the inner and outer ring materials use HDPE, PP or UPE, and HDPE, PP or UPE. The balls are glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls. In this way, the overall performance of the acid and alkali-resistant bearings will be greatly improved.

PTFE high temperature and corrosion resistant plastic bearings

3. PTFE high temperature and corrosion-resistant plastic bearings

As emerging engineering plastic materials, PTFE and PI have been proven to have good mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and high-temperature resistance of all known engineering plastics. Among them, PTFE has a long-term use temperature of 260°C, and PI has a long-term use temperature of 300°C. In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance and can still operate freely in a medium-strength acid-base corrosive environment. Therefore, it is generally used to make the outer ring material to choose PTFE or PI, and the balls are generally Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic balls. The disadvantage of bearings that operate precisely in harsh environments is that the use cost is higher because the materials are more expensive.

China plastic bearing manufacturer
Plastic Bearings

5. China Plastic Bearing Manufacturer

At present, China’s plastic bearings are developing very fast and have a wide range of applications.
Although plastic bearings started late in China, they have developed rapidly in raw material production and product applications. According to incomplete statistics from relevant parties, the five major domestic engineering plastics, including polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polyamide, thermoplastic resin, and modified polyphenylene ether in the past five years, have maintained a rapid growth of 30.3%. Several high-quality bearing manufacturers have emerged in the application market.

Shandong Tefule Bearing Co., Ltd. focuses on the application of high-performance plastics in the industrial field. Specializes in providing customers with high-functional material solutions under various harsh and special working conditions. Our products “from profile to product” meet the requirements of customers at all stages, from design to application and provide customers with one-stop material solutions. Our products reduce the internal friction of the equipment, have less inertia, are more responsive, have lower maintenance costs, longer life, and are more in line with the environmental protection concept of modern society.

We provide customers with four categories of products:

China plastic bearing manufacturer

Sliding bearing: self-lubricating bearing, various forms and materials, resistant to various harsh working conditions.

Sealing system: RULON sealing ring, Omniseal, Stefan, Glyy ring, guide belt, dust ring and other sealing system products.

Rolling bearings: high precision, corrosion resistance, no oil lubrication.

High-functional plastic functional parts: Provide customers with high-functional material solutions under various working conditions and parts that meet various special functional requirements under specific conditions.

Our product features:

Exceed the temperature resistance of general engineering plastics, from extremely low temperature -240℃ to 482℃; Excellent machining performance can reach slender workpieces with small tolerances and small deformations;

  • Superior wear resistance;
  • Low dielectric constant, suitable for connector products; 
  • Resistant to cosmic ray radiation.

Our products are used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, automation equipment, electronic test fixtures and other fields.

We have many years of experience in applying high-functional materials and can provide customers with professional advice on product applications. We work hard to provide customers with high-quality products by cooperating with world-class product suppliers. Good service is our goal all the time.

If you have any questions about choosing to use plastic bearings, please contact us.